Frank Lloyd Wright’s Martin House Estate

HHL Architects has been working with the Martin House Restoration Corporation (MHRC) for 20+ years. Work began in 1992 when the Corporation was formed with the mission to restore and manage Frank Lloyd Wright’s Martin House, and HHL began the reconstruction of the complex to its original condition. This resulted in a multi-year search for..

Westminster Presbyterian Church

Westminster Presbyterian Church

HHL Architects has worked on several projects at Westminster Presbyterian Church, beginning with a space study to assess the utilization of space within the sanctuary/parish hall building as well as the detached former carriage house, now used as an Early Childhood School. Three scenarios were tested which created a new entry point as well as..

Canalside Interpretive Structures: Longshed Building

    The Erie Canal Harbor Development Corporation engaged HHL Architects to design new “interpretive” structures along the edges of the Erie Canal’s historic Commercial Slip at Canalside, located along the northern edge of the Buffalo River in Downtown Buffalo. The project entails the creation of two new buildings to include public toilets and other..

M&T Bank: Dome Restoration

HHL Architects was commissioned to investigate the cause of rapid deterioration of the gold leaf on the M&T Dome. The building, topped by a glazed terra cotta dome, was originally designed for the Buffalo Savings Bank by Green & Wicks, and opened in March of 1901. The glaze quickly deteriorated and was painted with aluminum..

Gowanda’s Historic Hollywood Theater

Gowanda’s Historic Hollywood Theater is a New York State and National Historic Registry Landmark. In 1997, the theater was donated to the Gowanda Area Redevelopment Corporation (GARC), a non-profit organization. In 1999 the GARC chose HHL Architects to lead the theater’s restoration project, which would be broken down into two phases. Phase I included design..

Niagara Gateway Apartments

Located in the historic West Side Buffalo neighborhood, the Niagara Gateway Apartments project aims to salvage and adaptively reuse the 75,000 square foot century-old, historic former Buffalo Milk Company manufacturing building into 53 affordable apartments along with Niagara Street-facing ground floor commercial community space. The proposed mixed-use project reconstitutes the original four masonry and heavy..

Albright-Knox Art Gallery: East Stair Reconstruction

Constructed in 1905, our investigation of the east stair determined the cause of shifting and cracking to be deteriorating foundation walls resulting from water infiltration. Following the investigative study of the foundation’s condition, the first action was to disassemble the stair, numbering and stockpiling on site the reusable granite and marble treads. Veneer granite on..

The Park Country Club of Buffalo: Locker Rooms Modernization

Following the successful 2013 West End Modernization project, the Park Country Club determined that a complete renovation of the men’s and women’s locker rooms was necessary. The men’s card room was expanded in size to suit member demand. A women’s card room/lounge area was carved out of the modest footprint. The 600+ oak lockers in..

The Park Country Club of Buffalo: Facilities Conditions Study Update

In January 2015, HHL Architects updated the 2008 Facilities Conditions Study for The Park Country Club. The extent of the facilities included the site, the 1927-built English Scholastic Style Clubhouse, all accessory buildings (pool bath house, grounds maintenance facilities, golf course), including vehicle and foot-bridges on the course. Designed by renowned clubhouse architect Clifford C...