Westminster Presbyterian Church

Buffalo, NY, USA
Year Completed
Building Type
101,500 sq. ft.
Westminster Presbyterian Church

HHL Architects has worked on several projects at Westminster Presbyterian Church, beginning with a space study to assess the utilization of space within the sanctuary/parish hall building as well as the detached former carriage house, now used as an Early Childhood School. Three scenarios were tested which created a new entry point as well as possible renovations to improve circulation and accommodate meeting, office and music use space. New access ramps and elevators provided access to the Fellowship Hall and other levels that were not previously accessible to some congregation members. Subsequently, a new design for an upgraded playground area and revamped landscaping was developed for the Early Childhood School. Designed in conjunction with DWG Planning & Design, the new landscape provides multiple thematic play spaces, a new parking area, and an arrival/drop-off area.

The most recently completed phase of the implementation is the New West Entrance. The new accessible entry adaptively reuses an unused building on the campus, creating a lobby space, reception area, and improved circulation. A new commercial kitchen was included in the scope of work for large church events as well as a new smaller kitchen to accommodate staff needs. We are also currently working on a roof and masonry restoration project that is under construction.