Wegmans Tastings Restaurant & Wine Store Concept

HHL Architects worked in conjunction with Wegmans and Robert Edson Swain, AIA/EDGE, LLC to develop concepts to enhance Wegman’s flagship Pittsford, NY location. The concepts were intended to evolve into a prototypical restaurant theme/venue for the store’s regional network. The Tastings Restaurant concept was under the leadership of world-renown chef and restauranteur David Bouley. Initial..

Tillie’s Diner Concept

HHL Architects designed the concept for this new downtown “Chippewa Entertainment District” restaurant. The developer acquired an old railroad diner car which was then designed to be incorporated into a new kitchen building located on an existing parking lot at a critical corner of the urban neighborhood. The building form combines contemporary designs with those..

Nashville Airport Restaurant Renovations

HHL was engaged to renovate two restaurants in the Nashville Airport; Tootsie’s and O’Charley’s. The Tootsie’s renovation consisted of an addition to a new bar height seating area next to the concourse along with some small modifications to the kitchen including a new pass-thru window into the dining room. The O’Charley’s renovations also added bar..

Hyatt Regency Buffalo: Vestibule Renovations

This project came about because Hyatt wanted to improve the guest entry experience in the hotel. The existing revolving doors made it difficult to enter with luggage and the hotel was seeking another solution. Hyatt Buffalo’s existing entry was renovated to remove the revolving door and replace it with automatic sliding glass doors. The vestibule..

Hyatt Regency Buffalo: Starbucks

Working with TwoOneTwo Design as well as Starbucks, HHL developed a creative free-standing kiosk-style design for a new Starbucks store within the glass atrium of Hyatt Regency Buffalo. The design was developed to enable appropriate exposure not only from Main Street just outside the glass window-wall, but also from a vantage point from the adjacent..

Forest Lawn Cemetery Comfort Station

HHL Architects was selected to design a restroom facility at Forest Lawn Cemetery. The building was needed to create a facility available to Forest Lawn visitors that was close to the main administration building, compatible with the surroundings, handicapped accessible and easily recognizable. The building is constructed of composite stone to match the adjacent administration..

Delaware North Hospitality, Food Service & Retail Design Concepts

HHL Architects has worked with Delaware North and their subsidiary groups CA One, Sportservice, and Parks & Resorts to develop concept dining and retail designs for various locations across the United States. Designs included restaurants, banquet facilities, clubs, food courts, and gift shops. These concept designs were used for early planning and speculative bidding. The..

Chautauqua Institution Athenaeum Hotel: Room Upgrades

Over the past few years, HHL has done multiple room upgrades at Chautauqua’s historic Athenaeum Hotel. The first, in 2013, included the renovation of five guest rooms, while the second was done in 2017, and included ten guest rooms. All rooms were evaluated for code compliance and brought up to meet code where necessary. Renovations..

Chautauqua Institution Athenaeum Hotel: Lobby Upgrades

This interior design renovation project at the Athenaeum Hotel encompassed the historic hotel lobby and reception spaces. Phase I of the project included a new interior color scheme to brighten the space, a mix of contemporary and classic furnishings, and drapery which refresh the look and feel of the lobby while preserving the historic character..