Westminster Presbyterian Church: New West Entrance

Buffalo, NY, USA
Year Completed
Building Type
3,500 sq. ft.
Westminster Presbyterian Church

Westminster Presbyterian Church is part of a larger complex of buildings which provide many services to the community requiring the facility to operate seven days a week. There are multiple buildings from various time periods which had made the rear parking entrance unclear. The goal of the expansion project was to create an entrance that would become a beacon for its assemblage.

After much investigation, it was clear that the “Sexton House” was the prime location for a new entrance way into the church. The design intent is to transform a 19th century house into an exciting entry point for a 21st century congregation by removing the roof, floors and the entire west wall of the house leaving only the north, east and south masonry walls. A new steel and concrete structure is infilled between the existing walls and the entire west wall is made of glass which clearly marks the entry point into the church complex.

The new entrance lobby becomes the original volume of the house and contains a glass vestibule, reception office and a grand stair that links the lower level and the 2nd floor Parish Hall. A ramp leading up to the front door makes the main floor of the church and adjacent structures universally accessible.