Roswell Park Cancer Institute: Thoracic Clinic

Completed in 2009, the design of the new Thoracic Clinic at Roswell Park Cancer Institute accommodates new service models for outpatient treatment. Four medical teams work in “pods” consisting of 2 exam rooms, 2 counseling/treatment rooms, and a team conference/work room. Support spaces including special procedure and treatment rooms which are shared by the four..

Roswell Park Cancer Institute: Grace Cancer Drug Center

HHL Architects’ initial work at Roswell Park consisted of the design of this award-winning Grace Cancer Drug Center building with modular, highly efficient research laboratories to house pharmacology and related scientific research activity. The design has been recognized for its energy efficiency, clarity of planning, and innovative utility distribution systems. Currently HHL Architects has a..

Red Cross Regional Blood Center

Red Cross Regional Blood Center

This project involved the design of a new facility which includes a blood collection, processing, and distribution center. Additionally, the facility contains donor facilities, analysis laboratories, and an administrative unit. Subsequent projects include the redesign of two historic buildings: a tennis and squash facility, and an early 20th century mansion to accommodate the laboratory, material..

South Nassau Communities Hospital

HHL Architects redesigned several areas and created additions to the hospital to accommodate new technologies. HHL renovated the obstetrics and residents units, designed a new linear accelerator and simulator wing, renovated the cardiac catheterization unit, designed a new MRI wing, a new entrance lobby addition, new administration and finance departments, renovated ECG and EKG suites, multi-station dialysis unit, teaching/conference area..

MASH Urgent Care Design Standards & Facilities

HHL Architects was chosen for the design and build-out of prototypical urgent care treatment facilities throughout Western New York. HHL developed a concept model where the nurse station – centered plan organizes the 5-10 exam and treatment rooms so that they have a visual connection back through to the entry and lobby waiting area. The..

Madonna House

HHL Architects designed this unique half-way house residence for women recovering from drug and alcohol abuse. The objective was to create a “retreat” lodge-style setting suitable to help these recovering women matriculate from treatment into normal self administered daily care. Working with DASNY and using the NYS Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services standards,..

Benedict House

HHL Architects designed a conversion of this historic former U.S. Marine Hospital, designed by James Knox Taylor in 1908, into a residence for individuals living with AIDS. The facility includes 24 private rooms, 4 studio apartments, and common dining and living rooms to provide a variety of residential accommodations. Major original architectural features were retained..

Episcopal Church Home

The Master Plan Study focused on the unification of this complex in order to coordinate several additions and new structures that were under consideration for construction. The Campus, originally established in 1904 in the block bounded by Busti Avenue, Rhode Island Street, Seventh Street, and Massachusetts Avenue, expanded to acquire six existing buildings by 1987...