“Inside Look: 250 Delaware”

Over 200 construction workers each day are plying their trades at 250 Delaware, Uniland Development Company’s mixed-use building downtown. The building’s glass façade is nearly in place, a five-story parking ramp is being constructed piece by piece along South Elmwood Avenue, mechanical and finish work is happening throughout the interior, and the terra cotta on..

“Architects Breath New Life into Derelict School to Create Live/Work Community”

Hamilton Houston Lownie Architects (HHL Architects), in collaboration with Brooklyn-based Victor Morales Architects, has transformed East Harlem’s PS 109, a derelict 1898 Charles B.J. Snyder-designed New York City Public School, into El Barrio’s Artspace PS109, an affordable live/work housing project for artists and their families. The project, located at 215 East 99th Street, was developed..

“Niagara Street Project to Blend New With a Bit of Old”

The Buffalo Preservation Board will be reviewing plans this week for redevelopment of the unoccupied circa-1920 “Architectural Circus” building at 885 Niagara Street. Regan Development Corporation, which successfully converted the former Packard Building on Main Street to affordable housing, is seeking to demolish much of the Niagara Street complex and construct a 52-unit apartment building..