Niagara Gateway Apartments

Buffalo, NY, USA
Year Completed
Building Type
Adaptive Reuse
75,000 sq. ft.
Regan Development

Located in the historic West Side Buffalo neighborhood, the Niagara Gateway Apartments project aims to salvage and adaptively reuse the 75,000 square foot century-old, historic former Buffalo Milk Company manufacturing building into 53 affordable apartments along with Niagara Street-facing ground floor commercial community space.

The proposed mixed-use project reconstitutes the original four masonry and heavy timber building sections composed of one, three and four-story volumes. The project involves the reconstruction of two stories of the connecting building (between Prospect and Niagara) which were lost to fire in the early 1980’s, and restoration of the yellow brick, Medina Sandstone, and ornamental terracotta facades throughout the complex.