Hyatt Regency Buffalo

Buffalo, NY, USA
Year Completed
Building Type
Snyder Corporation

HHL Architects worked on multiple projects at the Hyatt Regency Buffalo from 2012 to 2016. In 2012, we worked on elevator upgrades, and developed a design which incorporated innovative technologies to these 1970’s-era elevators, brightening the cab lighting and creating new interest for the patrons. The modern cab is designed with wood, stainless steel, terrazzo and illuminated graphics. In 2015, we provided architectural design services for the relocation of the existing Stay Fit fitness center from the first floor of the Hyatt to the first floor of the annex at 6 Fountain Plaza.

In 2016, we renovated the gift shop and the vestibule. We relocated the gift shop into a renovated former office space. The design was conceptualized by Virserius Studio and implemented by HHL Architects and is meant to look like an upscale Main Street retail shop. For the vestibule, we replaced the existing revolving doors with automatic sliding glass doors, and added walnut veneer trim, decorative metal accent panels, and two black and white scenes of Buffalo that are backlit behind glass panels. Lastly in 2016, working with TwoOneTwo Design, HHL developed a creative free-standing kiosk-style design for a new Starbucks store within the glass atrium.