Hyatt Regency Buffalo: Vestibule Renovations

Buffalo, NY, USA
Year Completed
Building Type
450 sq. ft.
Snyder Corporation

This project came about because Hyatt wanted to improve the guest entry experience in the hotel. The existing revolving doors made it difficult to enter with luggage and the hotel was seeking another solution. Hyatt Buffalo’s existing entry was renovated to remove the revolving door and replace it with automatic sliding glass doors. The vestibule interior features walnut veneer trim, decorative metal accent panels, and two black and white scenes of Buffalo that are backlit behind glass panels.

The exterior of the entry features a long, colorful mural above the doors that highlights Hyatt Buffalo’s most important moments throughout its existence. A new air curtain system was installed to eliminate the draft that could enter the lobby. New entrance mat flooring was installed throughout the new vestibule space. The result is a much more efficient and visually pleasing entry for hotel guests.