Hyatt Regency Buffalo: Elevator Upgrades

Buffalo, NY, USA
Year Completed
Building Type
Snyder Corporation

HHL Architects was engaged by the Hyatt Regency Buffalo to upgrade and modernize three elevators and one additional elevator located in the attached four-story annex. Working with Schindler Elevator, HHL developed a design which incorporated innovative technologies to these 1970’s-era elevators, brightening the cab lighting and creating new interest for the patrons. The modern cab design of wood, stainless steel, terrazzo and illuminated graphics pay homage to Buffalo’s turn-of-the-20th century design significance which is enhanced by the highly modernized design of these 21st century elevators.

Each cab is trimmed with wood style-and-rail wall panels to blend with the lobbies and features a cross-buck textured stainless-steel panel to reflect the crossed patterns of the cast bronze rope details of the original façade. A circular metal cove illuminated ceiling is mirrored by a circular pattern of bronze and brown colored terrazzo floor below. New technologies in the cab include touch-screen controls and LCD panels. The back wall of each cab is highlighted with an edge-lit LED glass mural of historic Buffalo. The four images are the 1901 Pan American Exposition, Niagara Falls, and Main Street.