Cornell University: Willard Straight Hall Accessible Path of Travel Study

Ithaca, NY, USA
Year Completed
Building Type
Cornell University

HHL Architects was engaged by Cornell University to prepare this study in 2010. This document provides a summary of options studied which attempt to provide an “accessible path of travel”, primarily in an east-west (up-down the hill) direction, into and through Willard Straight Hall from the parking lot, to-from Ho Plaza.

To improve accessible means of egress for people with disabilities – an essential goal of this study – standby power (the ability for first responders to use the only egress available for wheelchair users in case of a power outage) is an addition suggested for the elevators and vertical lifts identified in all options. When an option is selected, safe areas (Areas of Refuge) will also be identified so that people with disabilities will wait for first responders for further evacuation. The cost for standby power system is not included in these recommendations.