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Main Street Building
Main Street Building
Main Street Building - Space to Create
Main Street Building
istock photo - July 26, 2023: 360 photo of Trinidad Space To Create Art Lofts
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Main Street Space to Create
Main Street Space to Create
Main Street Space to Create
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Elm Street Apartment
Elm Street Apartment

Artspace: Trinidad Space to Create

Trinidad, CO, USA
Year Completed
Building Type
57,526 sq. ft.
Artspace Projects, Inc.

The Artspace Trinidad Lofts & Space to Create/Artspace Trinidad City Center is a multi-building, mixed-use, affordable live/work, forty-one unit apartment project located in the City of Trinidad is in Southern Colorado, near the border of New Mexico.

This project adaptively reuses three historic two-story masonry and wood-framed buildings located downtown along West Main Street, bound by: First, Beech and Convent Streets, and is also in the National Register “El Corazon de Trinidad” Historic District. The historic Main Street buildings had been long abandoned and underutilized, and will be renovated, restored, as well as interconnected on the upper floor for new housing. Thirteen apartment units are located on the newly inter-connected second floor level, while the ground floor of Main Street will include a variety of commercial and community uses, under the direction and management of both the City of Trinidad and Artspace. Space to Create Colorado, a multi-agency, public-private partnership to drive economic development through the arts in rural communities of the state will be located on the ground floor.

Artspace Trinidad Lofts is a new metal stud platform three-story twenty-eight-unit apartment building, located on East Elm Street about 1/2 mile east of the Main St. site just across from and parallel to the Purgatoire River, at the intersection of South Oak Street in an urban renewal district of downtown. Artspace’s management offices and common spaces will be located at the Main Street site.