“Out to Bid: Design Services for Central Terminal Work”

The Central Terminal Restoration Corporation (CTRC) was awarded $5 million in April from the Buffalo Billion Initiative to support the implementation of the Urban Land Institute’s recommendations for the historic East Side landmark.  CTRC has taken a critical step towards putting that money to work by soliciting proposals from architecture, engineering, landscape architecture and land surveying consultant firms and/or teams to provide programming, design, bid and construction administration and inspection services related to the capital improvement of the terminal concourse, as well as the former waiting room and restaurant and other ancillary spaces

The project will consist of various capital improvements to the building and surrounding site so it can be used as year‐round “flexible space” for events.  To enhance Buffalo Central Terminal’s capacity for generating revenue from rental fees, multiple capital improvements need to be made inside the main terminal building. These improvements are both aesthetic and functional, as the Concourse, and its adjoining spaces need to allow for the attainment of a Temporary Certificate of Occupancy upon completion of the project.

Renovations to lobby will require the fabrication of exterior doors to match the existing interior doors. One existing elevator will be refurbished to full functionality. Ceiling and wall finishes in the historic ticket agent and rental spaces will create opportunities for a gift shop, exhibit space and commercial tenants.

Main Concourse
Most of the work on the concourse will be in‐kind restoration and repair to the Secretary of Interior’s Standards. This includes repair of the information kiosk, existing windows, Gustavino tile, terrazzo floor, marble finishes on columns and walls. Some historic features will have to be replicated, including railings and light fixtures. Due to most of the original suspended plaster ceiling collapsing, a new one will have to be constructed. The temporary restrooms will be removed and the historic restrooms will be renovated and reconfigured to accommodate concourse use. The ticket office on the western side of the concourse is to be abated and restored as well.

Waiting Room
The waiting room, adjoined to the south side of the concourse, measures roughly 6,640 square feet. The waiting room will be restored as a secondary rental and events hall. Restoration is intended to allow for exhibitions and gallery use. Extant historic details of the building will be restored or replicated in kind where feasible.

The restaurant, along the north side of the concourse, was originally divided into three sections: a coffee shop, lunch room and dining room. The restored restaurant area will also feature a commercial kitchen to facilitate catering.

In addition to the programmatic features and services listed above, the property condition assessment reports by HHL Architects identified specific items that need to be addressed on the exterior of the building. This survey should be updated so that these items may be addressed as funding permits.

Proposals are due January 25.

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