“Niagara Street Project to Blend New With a Bit of Old”

The Buffalo Preservation Board will be reviewing plans this week for redevelopment of the unoccupied circa-1920 “Architectural Circus” building at 885 Niagara Street. Regan Development Corporation, which successfully converted the former Packard Building on Main Street to affordable housing, is seeking to demolish much of the Niagara Street complex and construct a 52-unit apartment building along with 4,000 sq.ft. of commercial space.

The current complex consists of a three-story sandstone and masonry structure at the corner of Niagara Street and Massachusetts Avenue. There is a one-story masonry section that connects to another three-story sandstone and masonry section of Prospect. Regan is proposing to demolish the majority of the property including the three-story portion along Prospect, the single-story connector, and the interior of the three-story portion fronting Niagara Street.

According to plans prepared by HHL Architects, the three most ornate facades fronting Niagara Street, Massachusetts Avenue, and an alley to the south would be preserved. The remainder of the footprint would be in-filled with new three-story construction utilizing a modern, metal wall facade. Apartments would be one, two, and three-bedroom units. The two commercial space areas would front Niagara Street.

The Preservation Board meets this Thursday at 3:00 PM, City Hall Room 901.

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