“Construction Watch: Longshed Building”

The Longshed Building at Canalside is fully-framed. The structure is being constructed on the south side of the Commercial Slip opposite the Naval Museum. The 4,000 square foot longshed will house the construction of a replica of DeWitt Clinton’s 73′ packet boat – the boat that traversed the Erie Canal to take part in the Wedding of the Waters ceremony. HHL Architects designed the building.

The project is spearheaded by the Buffalo Maritime Center (BMC) and Erie Canal Harbor Development Corporation, and has received funding from New York State, private donors and BMC supporters David and Joan Rogers and Assemblymember Sean Ryan.

Once the longshed is finished, the building of the replica packet boat will commence. At that time, the building of the vessel will become a public attraction unto itself.

After the packet boat is complete, it will be berthed in the Commercial Slip where it will become an interactive museum of sorts, open to the public for an array of events and activities.

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