Niagara Falls City Hall Façade Restoration

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Niagara Falls City Hall Façade Restoration

Niagara Falls, NY
Year Completed
Building Type
City of Niagara Falls

HHL Architects was selected to provide architectural and structural design services for the restoration of the stone masonry façade and monumental entry stair of this National Register Landmark. The causes of degradation of the stone and concrete systems were investigated and identified in a technical report.

The project was divided into two phases to accommodate funding schedules. Phase 1 of the project was completed in September of 2010 and involved stone repair, façade stabilization and replacement of the structural deck and foundations for the monumental stair.

Phase II followed immediately and entailed masonry restoration of the three remaining façades along with reconstruction of site stair assemblies independent of the building as well as new handicapped accessible entry ramp and retaining wall. Phase II was completed in 2012.

The construction budget was divided equally between phases. The total budget was $1,500,000 and was funded, in part, by an Environmental Protection Fund grant.