Benedict House

Buffalo, NY
Year Completed
Building Type
Adaptive Reuse
24,000 sq. ft.
Benedict House of Western New York

HHL Architects designed a conversion of this historic former U.S. Marine Hospital, designed by James Knox Taylor in 1908, into a residence for individuals living with AIDS.

The facility includes 24 private rooms, 4 studio apartments, and common dining and living rooms to provide a variety of residential accommodations.

Major original architectural features were retained in the planning of the conversion, including high ceilings, large windows, a central open community stair, and an elevator in an open grillework enclosure. Daylight permeates the plan throughout.

The building has several features which were important to retain in planning the design. Large double hung windows; 5×8 feet on major floors, and resultant high ceilings were basic to the original hospital design to meet day lighting needs. Habitable spaces in the residence were neatly arranged to maintain the size and rhythm of fenestration.