Artspace Trinidad Lofts

Trinidad, CO
Year Completed
In Progress
Building Type
New Build
57,000 sq. ft.
Artspace Projects, Inc.

Artspace Trinidad Lofts is an affordable live/work apartment mixed-use project which adaptively reuses three historic buildings on West Main Street in Trinidad, Colorado. The three buildings have been abandoned, and will be renovated, restored and interconnected on the upper floor. Seven new live/work apartments are planned for the ground floor level, while thirteen apartments are located on the inter-connected second floor level. A combination of studios, one-bedrooms and two-bedroom units are planned to be distributed throughout.

The center building, formerly a vehicle garage door, will function as the main entrance for the apartment complex. Exterior space in the rear will provide community space, while parking is provided at the corner of the block. New landscaping, pavement, access ramp, glass entry canopy, and playground equipment are planned to compliment the exterior building restoration. The existing masonry exterior walls, windows and storefront will be restored following the US Department of Interior Standards for the Treatment of Historic Fabric, as part of compliance with the Historic Tax Credit. New provisions will also be incorporated to provide handicapped access from the main entrance and the parking lot to the public and living spaces, including a new lift to the management office.