SUNY College at Buffalo: Upton Hall & Science Building Renovations

Buffalo, NY, USA
Year Completed
Building Type
SUNY College at Buffalo

HHL Architects designed classroom renovations at both Upton Hall and the Science Building. At Upton Hall, we designed a new graphics arts studio in a former industrial arts space. Half of the room is arranged for computer graphics, while the other is for manual paste-up work. New lighting is both direct and indirect, with track lights to highlight tack boards at the perimeter walls. A traveling chalkboard completes the new arrangement.

In the Science Building, the renovations replaced existing built-in lab equipment and fume hoods and were designed to improve the laboratory as a teaching environment. Lab tables are oriented for student views of teaching stations and chalkboards. Waste troughs are eliminated, and pedestal faces for reagent shelf supports incorporate data outlets, so experiment results can be directly recorded onto computers. The instructor console connects to a projector for prepared lectures and demonstrations. Student stations are designed for individual work and provide a base cabinet and drawer for storage.