Dnipro Ukrainian Cultural Center

Buffalo, NY, USA
Year Completed
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Dnipro Ukrainian Cultural Center

In 2016, HHL Architects was engaged to create a condition report for Dnipro, the Ukrainian Cultural Center located in Buffalo, NY. The report involved site visits, studying and photographing the interior and exterior building and grounds. This included the main roof, low roof and penthouse roofs, all mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems, climate control, heating, venting, and air conditioning, and well as interior and exterior accessibility conditions.

Our team found the exterior masonry of the building to be in reasonably good condition. However, we suggested the stripping and replacement of all roofs, found that many of the mechanical systems need to be completely replaced or upgraded, found that the electrical systems were adequate, but recommended replacement of some fixtures and wires, and found that the fire suppression system was adequate, but some plumbing pipes and faucets needed replacing. The building is also not accessible and does not meet current building codes.