Delaware North World Headquarters

Buffalo, NY, USA
Year Completed
Building Type
4,620 sq. ft.
Delaware North Companies

In the late 1990’s, Delaware North Companies (DNC) requested that HHL assist them in reviewing potential Downtown Buffalo building sites for a new world headquarters. DNC selected the unfinished, newly built Key Tower Building. This project consisted of the programming, planning, design, and build-out of the top seven floors to house corporate operations and subsidiaries of DNC, approximately 350 people. The challenge was to provide new ergonomically sized and configured work spaces for employees unfamiliar with “new” work spaces, which fostered collaboration.

We designed the interior hard wall office spaces with a clerestory glazing system on every interior wall to enable borrowed or direct daylight in virtually every space, and designed conference spaces with full glass interior walls. This provided private meeting capability, while presenting a more open appearance. We also selected interior office furniture systems which were similar in design as the wall glazing. Lastly, we utilized energy efficient, indirect recessed fluorescent lighting throughout.