Artspace Buffalo Lofts

HHL Architects designed this mixed-use low income housing project for local artists and their families. The developer has constructed many of these around the country but this was the first Artspace project in New York State. The project involves the adaptive reuse of the historic Buffalo Electric Vehicle Co. Building, turning the daylit factory building..

Art Collector’s Residence

The design objective for the residence was to create a series of spaces that evoke serenity while providing elements of surprise. The site, which plays a powerful role in achieving these goals, is located within a clearing that is part of 75 acres of woodland in Western New York. Thus the house is at once..

Sisters of St. Joseph Master Plan & Addition

Sisters of St. Joseph Master Plan & Addition

Located on a 40 acres site along Main Street & Strickler Road, HHL Architects designed a master plan for the campus, followed by the first phase implementation. The plan focused on centralizing public and communal activities, while establishing a clear hierarchy of public, semi-public, and private elements. The first phase involved the renovation of lobby..

Episcopal Church Home

The Master Plan Study focused on the unification of this complex in order to coordinate several additions and new structures that were under consideration for construction. The Campus, originally established in 1904 in the block bounded by Busti Avenue, Rhode Island Street, Seventh Street, and Massachusetts Avenue, expanded to acquire six existing buildings by 1987...